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Supporting schools, colleges and other education providers with expert careers services

We offer a range of services to help you develop and implement your careers strategy and meet the milestones set out in the Gatsby Benchmarks. Our offer includes:

  • Personal guidance services to meet the needs of your students
  • Free events and initiatives to highlight thriving industries in your area
  • Engaging labour market information resources
  • Networking events to bring together careers leaders to share best practice 

The Shine Careers Primary Programme

The Shine Careers Primary Programme helps you to support the raising of standards of achievement for all your primary age children and broaden their horizons and aspirations with regard to their futures.

Secondary Schools, Academies and Colleges

Each school, college and academy has different needs when it comes to the careers support and development they want for their students. That’s why we give the flexibility and support to choose a service that suits you, delivered when and where it’s needed.

Young people at risk of being NEET

We know that sometimes young people can become disengaged and may need alternative support to help them along their educational journey. We run specific projects aimed at keeping or getting young people into employment, education or training.

Mental Health inclusion in the UK

The UK population is becoming more aware and understanding of mental health issues and the impact they can have on the lives of individuals. It is increasingly being addressed in the media and, in the past year, a topic that schools and businesses have been keen to start to address too.

Level Up – Game-Based Learning in Careers Guidance

There is a growing investment in digital tools within career guidance in the UK – including in GBL resources.

UK Report on Gender Inclusion

While the United Kingdom appears to have fewer religious and cultural barriers than other European countries in its acceptance of alternative identities, it would be incorrect to assume that some learners do not continue to face obstacles in accessing VET courses and achieving success due to their gender.

CEIAG Qualifications

Nationally recognised qualifications that promote learning, development and ethical practice in the IAG sector. We offer flexible delivery and can tailor packages to meet your needs.

Events and Networking

We’re are committed to helping those with career responsibilities keep up to date with the careers landscape. Our networking and educational opportunities are available free of charge to all those with responsibility for CEIAG in the education sector.

FUTURE Methodology & Scenario Development

Digitalization and the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution are changing our way of working. These changes have an impact on both the way people work and the required individual skills and competences.

FUTURE eBook of Best Practice

New technologies have frequently and rapidly changed the shape and profile of the labour market throughout the 20th century. It is not enough to show children HOW the world is changing. They need to understand WHY it is changing, and to visualise HOW it will look.

ACCEnT Pedagogical Framework

The mission of the ACCEnT project is to help counselling, coaching and guidance professionals and practitioners, referred to as guidance practitioners throughout this document, who work with hard-to-reach groups (the long-term unemployed, NEETs, migrants, early school leavers, refugees and asylum seekers) in their daily work.


The world today is a lot smaller place and so more and more people are starting to consider studying, working or living abroad. However, it is often difficult to find accurate and reliable advice on the global opportunities available.

Free Resources

We want to help you to deliver an excellent careers service to young people. We’ve developed a number of resources to help make your life easier and ensure the subject of careers can be engaging and informative.

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